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Early Release/Professional Days

Early Release & Professional Days/Holidays

The B&G Club will be open on all Early Release Day & Professional Days of School in coordination with the Maynard & Stow Public Schools Schedule. The fee to attend the B&G Club on an early release day for children that attend the Maynard or Stow Public Schools is $5. The $5 fee must be paid on or before the half day. Members must bring a bagged lunch.  The Club will be open on all half days till 6:00pm unless otherwise noted.  All participants must be members of the Boys & Girls Club.

2016/2017 Maynard Early Release Days

2016/2017 Stow Early Release Days

Please remember that there is a $5 for all Maynard Early Release Days.  The Club will be open until 6 pm on all Early Release Days.
**Members will have the option to pre-register for pizza ($5/2 slices & drinks) or pack a nut-free lunch.

The Club will be open for the following Early Release Days:
Friday, September 30 (All Schools)
Friday, October 21 (FS Only)
Friday, October 28 (All Schools)
Friday, December 2 (GM Only)
Thursday, December 8 (GM Only)
Friday, December 9 (All Schools)
Friday, January 13 (GM Only)
Friday, January 27 (GM Only)
Friday, February 3 (All Schools)
Friday, March 10 (GM Only)
Friday, March 17 (All Schools)
Friday, March 24 (GM Only)
Thursday, April 6 (GM Only)
Friday, April 7 (All Schools)
Friday, May 12 (All Schools)
Friday, May 19 (All Schools)
Friday, June 9 (GM Only)
Wednesday, June 14 (All Schools *Pending Snow Days*)
2016-2017 Professional Days & Holidays

Stay tuned for more information....
The Boys & Girls Club of Assabet Valley is proud to announce our Stow Programs for the 2016-2017 school year.  The Club will be open for Early Release Days and Professional Days!  This year we will be picking up at Hale Middle School.   All Early Release Days & Professional Days will include a field trip.

This program is sponsored by the Stow Community Chest.

Hale & Center School Early Release Days:
Friday, September 23 
Friday, October 21 (Launch-Watertown, MA)
Wednesday, November 23 (Maynard Fine Arts)
Friday, December 9 (Ice Cream Sundaes @ the Club)
Friday, January 27 
Thursday, March 9 (Movie Day @ the Club)
Friday, April 28 (Atkinson Pool-Sudbury, MA)
Thursday, June 15 (Pending Snow Days-TBA)

Program Details:
All participants must be pre-registered for the BGCAV-Stow Program.
Register on-line or at the Boys & Girls Club: 212 Great Road, Maynard.
**All participants must be a member of the Boys & Girls Club for the 2016-2017 school year. 
**Fee includes pick up at Hale Middle School and field trip fees.

2016-2017 Professional Days & Holidays
Friday, December 23 
9 am-6 pm
$25/per member

Field trip to Reasons to be Cheerful!  Participants will be making their own ice cream, as well as ordering an ice cream while at the shop!  

**There is a minimum of 10 participants necessary to run this program.

Stay tuned for more details about the program!

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