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JR CIT & CIT Programs

**Mandatory CIT orientation for youth and parents/guardians on Tuesday, June 13th @ 7:00 pm.

Boys & Girls Club of Assabet Valley Jr. Counselor in Training (Jr. CIT) Program is designed for those participants who will be entering 7th grade in the fall of 2017, and who are interested in learning about leadership, conflict resolution, child development, and group dynamics. Successful completion of the program and positive evaluation may lead to a CIT invitation when the participant enters 8th grade. Due to the small number of spaces available and the highly competitive nature of this program, all potential applicants must complete the application and parental consent form in order to determine suitability for the program. Applications will be reviewed and an interview scheduled to determine if the applicant possesses the necessary skills to be a Jr. CIT.

Qualifications: Must be entering 7th grade, interested in helping other young people to learn and grow. All Jr. CIT’s applicants should be interested in, working with children, possess maturity, flexibility, a strong work ethic and the ability to follow direction from staff members and to have fun.

Fees: Participants may participate in our Full Day Program or Half Day Playground Program. Full Day Program: $120/week . Half Day Playground Program: $45/week, $80/session or $165/all sessions. Must be a member of the Boys & Girls Club. Membership is $40/per year from Sept. 1, 2017 - Sept. 1, 2018.
(Membership fee can be paid on-line, however the membership form paper copy must be filled out and returned to Club staff.)
There is a $20 discount for being a JR CIT in our Full Day Program. No discount available at our Playground Program.

JR CIT Application

The Boys and Girls Club Summer Programs provide a unique opportunity for area youth between the ages of 13 – 18 to build leadership skills, particularly in assisting head counselors with younger participants. The goal of our CIT programs is to help participants develop and learn general skills of leadership that they can utilize throughout their lives.    

Full Day CIT Program
The Boys and Girls Club of Assabet Valley is excited to continue our newly restructured full day CIT option here at the club. This revamped program will be organized and supervised by a CIT director who will teach the participants important information mixed in with fun events and opportunities to create a positive experience. In this program the CIT’s will be placed in groups by the director according to their strengths. The director will work with the CIT’s in organizing special events, will delegate CIT tasks, will teach the CIT’s important aspects on team building, work ethic, policies and procedures, safety, and leadership all while gaining important experience through increasing responsibility over the summer. Each CIT will be evaluated by the staff and will know the areas that are strengths for them as well as areas that they can improve upon to better prepare them to become responsible caring workers in any endeavor.  

Full Day Program Details: 
• CIT’s will be placed in participant groups and special activities basis based on their strengths and where the CIT Director/Full Day Directors deem most beneficial throughout the week
• Leadership Training: CIT’s will learn the aspects of what it takes to be a good counselor though CIT director lead group discussions, activities and by observing staff. CIT’s will also have the opportunity to lead some group events and special events throughout the summer.
• CIT’s will assist in organizing special events (I.E. decorating areas for special programs, assisting/setting up with arts and crafts, refereeing & judging end of day challenges, and participating in morning and end of day assemblies) 
• CIT’s must attend the Pre-Full Day CIT training
• CIT’s will be Evaluated at the end of their summer with CIT/Camp Director
• CIT’s will assist in field trips, swim & boating activities.
• CIT’s will learn important policies and procedures of the Summer Program, conflict resolution, disciplinary procedures, safety and supervision, professionalism, work ethic and expectations.
• CIT’s will have daily CIT only activity time where they may play a game, do a team building activity among other activities.  

While at Full Day Summer Program CIT’s will: 
• Participate and assist participants in all activity areas
• Report any behavior problems to the senior counselor in the group
• Act as a role model to all participants by adhering to all safety and program rules and following directions set forth by counselors and directors
• Make their best effort to learn new skills or improve upon old skills while in their activity area
• Cooperate with all program personnel to ensure safety for all participants
• Complete tasks and assignments given to them by the CIT Director, whether individually or in a team setting.
• Help participants share in the responsibility of caring for the grounds and equipment by setting a good example.
• Be prompt, neat, and willing to do more than the minimum requirements
• Help participants keep their belongings in order and out of the lost and found
• Be alert and report to the directors any elements of danger such as broken equipment etc..
• Be receptive to feedback from the counselors and the directors
• Learn the Boys and Girls Club Youth Development Strategy and how to implement this strategy when engaging participants
• Be a positive influence on the program
• Learn new activities and share activities with participants

Half Day CIT Program Options
Students interested in half day CIT programs can apply for opportunities at the playground program and at our Mt. Calvary and St. Johns pre-school programs. These programs will be led by the Directors of each program. 

 If you are unsure what program that you want to apply for or want more information on the options, please reach out to a club staff member for guidance at 978-461-2871. In some circumstances we may suggest which program will be the best fit for the applicant based on our observations and history with the candidates.  

All (CIT) Programs are designed for participants entering 8th grade in the fall of 2017, and who are interested in learning and developing general skills of leadership that can be used to help others while identifying and achieving goals. 
All CIT applicants should be interested in working with children and must possess maturity, communication skills, flexibility, a strong work ethic, be energetic, motivated, , and the ability to have fun. 
All CIT’s must attend CIT training in June.  Training Dates TBA
All CIT’s must be current Boys and Girls Club Members.  

CIT Program Choices
The Club has several different options for CIT candidates. 
Our CIT Full Day Program is a structured and goal orientated program led by our CIT director. This program is specifically designed for kids that are looking to gain skills that will benefit them for future job opportunities.  
We also offer half day CIT programs that will be managed by the directors at the Playground Program and with our Pre-school programs at Mt. Calvary and St. Johns.  

If you are unsure which program to apply for, please contact the Club staff to help determine the best choice.    

Application Procedures
CLICK HEREfor an application
Completed Applications must be received by May 31, 2017.  
Applications can be dropped off at the Club, or mailed to 212 Great Rd. Maynard MA, 01754. 
In order to secure an interview CIT’s must completely fill out the application, including the questionnaire on a separate sheet of paper. Please also turn in the parental consent form, and if you are not a current club member you will need to turn in the club membership application with all of your paperwork. Those who do not completely fill out the application will not be considered for this program. 
CIT application deadline is May 31, 2017.
All applications will be reviewed by staff from June 1st – June 15th with all promising applicants being called in for a preliminary interview.
CIT Mandatory Training Dates TBA

Program Fees:
**Full Day: $45/per week, $25/field trips
**Half Day & Pre-K Programs: $50 Fee to Participate
**Must be members of the Boys & Girls Club. Membership is $40.  

CIT Goals and Responsibilities:
• Develop leadership skills
• Develop summer counselor skills in a challenging, fast paced, fluid environment
• Increase the sense of responsibility and service to others
• Develop a caring, compassionate work ethic
• Learn how to engage children in a variety of activities and programs
• Assist head counselors with the supervision of participants
• Assist the directors in the set up and execution of special events and activities.
• Learn important safety policies and procedures and adhere to them in their daily tasks
• Learn and understand the daily schedule
• To bring excitement, high energy and a positive work ethic each day
• To respect each camper for their uniqueness

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