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Thank you Staples for bringing STEAM Programming to our Club!
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Our Club has been awarded $500 by Staples Foundation, the private charitable arm of Staples, Inc., under a program that lets Staples associates direct donations.

The grants are part of a philanthropic initiative created by Staples Foundation which allows Staples associates around the world to direct funding to non-profit organizations that are focused on education or job skills. The program encourages local community engagement by awarding larger grants to organizations where associates are highly engaged in volunteering or fundraising - up to $25,000 per organization.

The program, called 2 Million and Change, awards funds to organizations around the world, reaching more than $2 million in grants by the end of the year. In 2013, associates globally directed more than $2.5 million of Staples Foundation grants to over 1,000 non-profit organizations.

The Boys & Girls Club of Assabet Valley will be collaborating with professional vendors to bring new STEAM Programming to our After School Program members.  

The $500 grant from the Staples Foundation is helping to fund 75% of these STEAM Programs.  Parents are asked to help cover the remaining fees by paying $15 per participant per session. 

Participants are after school Club members, who are hand-picked by Club staff.  These members have shown a strong interest in computer programming and learning more. 

Friday, September 29th
1:00-2:00: Shoot for the Sky 
2:00-3:00: The Great Skateboard Race 

Shoot for the Sky
How do you get a 2 liter bottle 30 feet in the air? With just a bike pump,some water and an awesome rocket design. The kids will build and launch a bottle into the air in this hands on science program where they will learn about aerodynamics, air pressure and rocket design.  

Super Geysers
How high can you propel soda into the air using just candy? It turns out to be about 15 feet. The kids will breakdown into groups to brainstorm which is items will result it the best geysers. We will then test out different types of sodas, amount of mentos and opening designs so get the highest result. This exercise will focus on chemistry, air pressure and the scientific method.

Mr. Malcolm from Jam Time is coming to the Boys & Girls Club for an afternoon of fun! This outdoor event will have the child work as teams to help launch a soda bottle rocket upwards of 200 feet in the air. The children will be split into mixed age groups of up to 10 kids and they will launch their rockets using a bicycle air pump and a custom built rocket launcher. Each child will rotate through the positions of pumper and launcher puller as they shoot off the rockets. After each time, they will be encouraged to alter their rockets by adding more and less water, different fins or caps and adjusting the amount of air added. We will end off the event with a final side by side launch to determine the winning team. 
**If you are interested in the program and it is already filled, we will potentially add a third class, please go on the wait list.

 Mr. Malcolm is one of the co-owners of Jam Time, an indoor play and enrichment center located in Maynard and Natick. There he teaches Jammin’ Science classes to 3-6 year olds where the children each week explore science by participating in different hands on science experiments. Mr. Malcolm’s background is based mostly in entertainment having created the visual effects for feature films such as Spider-Man 2 and the effects animation for Disney’s Mission Space ride located in Epcot Center. This technical background in entertainment combined with a great love of science leads to an exciting presentation that keeps the children engaged and inspired while learning the fundamentals of science.  

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