General Information

General Information

Registration forms available at the Club or on by clicking here.
Drop off or mail completed forms with payment to the Boys & Girls Club of Assabet Valley, 212 Great Road, Maynard MA 01754.

Payment Information: 
 Cash, VISA, MASTERCARD,DISCOVER, & Checks (all checks payable to BGCAV)   

1. Office hours School Year: Monday-Friday 10-6 Vacation Weeks: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Summer: 8:00AM-5:00PM
2. BGCAV attempts to meet the needs of all participants. Those requiring reasonable accommodations should contact the Executive Director.
3. Classes are not held during vacation weeks & holidays unless otherwise specified.
4. Financial aid may be available upon request. See below for info. 
5. There is a $25 penalty fee for all returned checks. 
6. Maynard Recreation & Boys & Girls Club Programs are self-supporting. Fees charged for programs cover the cost of materials, pay instructor salaries, and help defray from costs.  

1. A written refund request must be given at least 2 weeks before the start of a program. A refund or credit, minus a $10 cancellation fee will be given. 
2. Refunds are not issued due to illness. If your child does not attend our program due to illness, Club Directors must be notified right away. If a child misses due to illness and a doctor’s note is provided, it is still required to pay 50% of the balance owed for the time missed. If payment has been made for the time missed and a doctor’s note has been provided, a 50% credit will be put onto the child’s account. The only way one can receive a full refund, for a registered program or activity, due to illness is if Club Directors are notified right away and we can fill your spot. There will be no refund/credit issued if Club Directors are not notified until after the start of the program and given the appropriate paperwork.
3. Cancellation fee: Unless otherwise noted, a $10 administrative fee for each program canceled if prior to the first class.  
4. Classes that are not self-supporting (due to low enrollment) will be canceled and full refund or credit applied.
Please note, the Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club has the final decision on any refunds/cancellations or transfer procedures.

FINANCIAL AID REQUESTS (Summer Requests must be submitted by June 1st.)
For financial aid requests, please send a letter of request, registration form, W-2s/income document, and a list of expenses to:  
Jenn Kuo, Boys & Girls Club of Assabet Valley, 212 Great Road Maynard, MA 01754

Participants must be picked up promptly at the end of each program day. BGCA enforces a $1 per minute late fee per child. We do not have exceptions to this rule. Fees should be paid to the staff member on duty at the time of pick up.

Please note that program hours vary throughout the year:
• After School Program-6:00 PM
• Full Day School Vacation and Summer Programs-4:00 PM, late pick-up 5:00 PM (Individuals that are not pre-registered for late-pick up will begin to incur late fees at 4:05 pm.)
• Half Day Playground Program-12:00 PM
• Toddler & Summer Programs-12:00 PM
After 5 minutes of a child not being picked up staff will:
• Contact all enrolling parents to ensure a ride is on their way
• If parents are not reached, staff will then use emergency phone numbers
• If the child has yet to be picked up 30 minutes after dismissal, staff is instructed to call Maynard Police and they will be dispatched to your residence. 
In the case of continued late pick up, BGCAV reserves the right to remove the participants from the programs they are enrolled. 
The goal of BGCAV Programs is to provide a safe, fun summer experience for all participants. To accomplish this goal all participants are expected to respect themselves, each other, the staff and the Program facilities. The BGCAV Summer Program stresses the need for each child to take personal responsibility for her or his own actions.
The Club adheres to the following principles:
1. Discipline is more about teaching, learning, and problem solving, than about punishment. 2. Every member deserves the effort it may take to keep him or her in the Club. 3. All participants can learn to behave appropriately with the help of consistent role models-staff and parents. 4. We encourage, practice, teach, and role model self-discipline. 5. All members are listened to and treated with respect and fairness. 

In the case of extreme circumstances there could be increased consequences depending on frequency of the participant’s negative behaviors and the severity of the action. Consequences could include suspension from programs, and in the most extreme cases expulsion from the summer programs. PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will not be given to participants who are suspended from summer programs.

Participants may to be photographed during Boys & Girls Club or Maynard Recreation programs or activities to be used in newsletters, newspapers, and/or any other promotional materials. Photos may also be used for social media purposes including but not limited to the Boys & Girls Club of Assabet Valley's Facebook and Linkedin accounts. If you DO NOT agree to this, please email Jenn Kuo at
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